Recent News

Bozeman has a new state of the art live music venue and recording facility! poindexter's was responsible for the sound system and many of the technical systems within the facility.

We'd like to welcome "The Red Chair" coffee, restaurant and bar and, "The Lark" hotel to Bozeman. Thanks for letting us play help with your music systems. Wishing you both the best of luck...

Welcome to poindexter's

poindexter's was founded in 1987 with the goal of bringing people together through the use of technology. We provide thoughtful choices, fresh ideas, creative solutions involving sound, video and light. 

Did you say "Ear Splitting? What? We can fix bad or harsh sounding places with attractive acoustical treatments.

LED lighting is finally beautiful and flicker free. Schedule a visit to our facility if you're curious to learn more.

We work with architects, designers, builders, event professionals and directly with owners to help create interesting places where sound, visuals and light rise to the occasion. 

Simple, reliable and fun - Contact a poindexter - 406-586-4488