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White Dog Brewing in Bozeman and the unCORKED wine bar in Livingston both new Montana businesses feature improved Acoustics! Clients appreciate quieter, calmer, less reverberant spaces when visiting, drinking and dining with friends. The "green acoustical woven panels" we design and install provide the best absorbtion for the dollar and they look pretty cool too. Conversations is what it's about in a restaurant or bar right?  More beer and wine is sure to flow if people are staying and enjoying...

Map Brewing is open! Thanks for letting us help with the acoustics, music and lighting control system.

Restaurant Acoustics, a link to an ear full from our friends at Meyer Sound.

Bozeman has a new state of the art live music venue and recording facility! poindexter's was responsible for the sound system and many of the technical systems within the facility.

Welcome to poindexter's

The name poindexter's was inspired by the cartoon character from the "Felix the Cat" comics circa 1950. Poindexter, a technology minded super nerd was the invention of master animator Joseph Oriolo.

poindexter's the company, was founded in 1987 by a musician who remains a fan of thoughtful design, architecture and crafting things in a workshop. The goal at poindexter's has always been to bring people together with easy to use technology. We began 29 years ago first focusing upon the design and installation of audio and video systems for homes and businesses.

Over the years we've expanded carefully into acoustical testing, designing media rooms and home theaters, meeting and board rooms, houses of worship and music venues. We specify unique acoustical products and offer solutions that both isolate spaces and improve the acoustics within a room or restaurant. Noisy, ear splitting, reverberant spaces can be made enjoyable, safer, more functional and productive. 

Lighting is another area we began thinking about and tinkering with. In 2013 we installed our first lighting control system within a world class music venue and recording facility called Faultline North located here in Bozeman. We also designed, installed and tuned the sound system for this special facility. We've been testing and specifying beautiful looking, energy efficient LED lighting fixtures, lamps and LED tape light for many clients since.

poindexter's offers AV equipment rental, technical consulting and event services for meetings, corporate events and special concerts.

If your curious to discover more about us, call or e-mail to arrange a meeting. To leisurely experience less expensive music systems, visit F11 Photo - 16 East Main Street in Bozeman. F11 features all things Sonos on display six days a week in a no pressure environment.

simple, reliable and fun - Contact a poindexter - 406-586-4488