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White Dog Brewing in Bozeman and the unCORKED wine bar in Livingston both new Montana businesses feature improved Acoustics with the help of the poindexter's acoustical panel system. Clients appreciate quieter, calmer, less reverberant spaces when visiting with others. The "green acoustical woven panels" we designed and installed provides a much improved sonic environment for conversations to take place with greater ease and enjoyment. More beer and wine is sure to flow if people are staying and enjoying a space.

Map Brewing is open! Thanks for letting us help with the acoustics, music and lighting control system.

Restaurant Acoustics, a link to an ear full from our friends at Meyer Sound.

Bozeman has a new state of the art live music venue and recording facility! poindexter's was responsible for the sound system and many of the technical systems within the facility.

Welcome to poindexter's

Our name was inspired by the tech. obsessed cartoon character Poindexter featured in the Felix the Cat Comics circa 1950, the invention of animator Joseph Oriolo.

poindexter's began in 1987 with the goal of bringing people together through the careful design and installation of music and video systems. We started working on small homes and places of business like restaurants. This work is a craft to us, we provide a wide range of options and strive to foster a sense of community within our work. We enjoy spending the time required to educate people about the many technology possibilities available, the choices are almost endless in some areas. When it comes to lighting, sound, video and acoustics, each of these aspects must line up and work in harmony to create a beautiful environment.

After nearly 30 years in business our focus today remains; to enhance peoples lives with quality music and video systems and beyond.  In 2006 we added acoustical products and testing, we began designing and fabricating unique panels made from green recycled materials. In 2013 with LED lighting finally starting to look good we've carefully moved into lighting design, product sales and control systems.

As we've learned and gained confidence over the years we've carefully expanded our ability to take on larger projects outfitting music venues and houses of worship with state of the art systems. 

We offer event services and provide AV equipment rental, event services and technology consulting for meetings, functions and concerts large or small.

Many examples of completed projects for a wide range of clients and budgets are featured on this evolving website. If you're curious to discover more about poindexter's, call or e-mail us to arrange a meeting. To experience some less expensive musical solutions, visit  F11 Photo - 16 East Main Street in Bozeman, where all things Sonos is featured six days a week.

simple, reliable and fun - Contact a poindexter - 406-586-4488